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Only in mid-life, after years of misery, did I understand dentists as being real doctors. Therapy can be a safe place to work through these issues, make the adjustments you need, and help your home become a happier place.

Now, I respect the connection between healthy gums and healthy heart and I spare myself the prolonged anguish.""Even in the 21st century, "having issues" still carries a stigma. My training and expertise is in helping children, teens, families, and women work through issues such as anxiety, grief, behavioral problems, mood issues, adjustment from family changes, and recovery from traumatic events.

You may choose to discuss the questionable behavior directly with your therapist.

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I believe very strongly in the importance of family and I begin therapy where the client is and what their goals are.

Additionally, I’ve presented workshops to hospitals and businesses and supervised new therapists."" For the past 40 years I have been practicing in both Louisville and Bardstown, Kentucky.

Most therapists intend to “do no harm” and strictly follow ethical guidelines.

Overall, mental health professionals are a good bunch.

Therapy can help—especially when you feel stuck, like you've tried everything, or are out of options. I enjoy creating a supportive environment for you to discover new possibilities for growth and transformation.

I work with individuals, couples, and families with diverse backgrounds and issues.""Would you like to feel less depressed or anxious?

Do loneliness, anger, and fear disrupt your closeness with others? I offer practical and personal guidance in finding the solutions you need to live free and love proud.

Being a LGBT person and/or couple is often challenging- but it can ultimately be an exciting and rewarding life with the support and guidance you need. ""Are you a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person trying to find someone who understands your unique struggles and needs ?

However, not only do good therapists make mistakes, there are some providers who, unfortunately, are careless and unaware of the importance and purpose of some ethical guidelines.

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