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I recently had a chat with comedian and co-host of CBS’ Michael Yo, self-proclaimed “Half-Black Brother with a Korean Mother,” to talk about growing up in an interracial family and his dating experiences. You know, ’cause the Asians were studying most of the time. She was like other Asian moms, wanting to compare their kids to other kids. Inciden- tally, writing for a magazine has zero dating perks. So it’s weird to get that kind of attention when you’re on the other side of the camera. It’s similar to how people can stalk someone on Facebook before a date. MY: My parents being interracial, they never cared who I dated. The other day I was driving down the street, and this girl pulls up next to me screaming [high- pitched voice], “OMIGOD I love you! They know who you are, but you have no idea who they are. How do you react to someone knowing so much about you? So I never felt that pressure, whereas I know a lot of Asian parents want their daughters to date someone Asian.

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Living an upright life and without holding an official post, he accumulated virtue and cultivated goodness.

And thus he lay the foundations for the family for ten thousand generations to come, whether the descendants might labor in the fields, study, fish, or chop wood.

'"The genealogy goes back in an unbroken line to Yo-Yo's 13th great grandfather, Ma Lin Guan, who was born in the Ming Dynasty in 1435, 57 years before Columbus discovered the New World.

The genealogy describes this Ma patriarch: "Our ancestor disdained the city with its noisy bustle and like the solitude of the countryside.

Although water damage would have completely destroyed volumes made of paper, bamboo can actually be boiled and brought back to life.

While about half of the genealogy is damaged and awaits restoration, the other half can be read.

According to tradition, the clan genealogy that Ji Cang created was to be updated by the male head of the Ma family every 30 years.

But about 40 years ago, during the Cultural Revolution, Ma Yo-De, a distant cousin of Yo-Yo Ma, faced a serious dilemma.

Yet to destroy the precious book would be to obliterate centuries of information about the Ma family line. After tense discussions with his father, the Ma family head, the two decided to hide the four-volume genealogy in a wall in their home on Ma Street in the village of Hou Ma.

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