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Karma is a B$TCH and Trina was dating him while he was still married, so again karma is a B$TCH.

Hiphop artist Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known as Trina was born on December 3, 1978. Everyone in the Showbuzz talks about these two having a thing.

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If I’m sitting in this room with you today and then tomorrow I see you talking to someone I’m not cool with, or someone I am cool with, and I don’t understand what’s going on and you never say anything, it’s a little disrespectful.”French Montana has finally sealed the deal and is officially a single man…despite acting like one for a couple years now.

He has reportedly divorced his wife Dean Kharbouch.

I wasn’t in a mental space [to be in a relationship].

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He is sending her flowers and calling her, really begging to get her back.

It was texting another female, her best friend at that but as Trina stated she was dating him and she introduced The Kardashians to French.

They two, who share a son together, have been separated for a while and dating other people, so what took so long? A source says, “He was in court on Monday and basically they wrapped up his divorce peacefully.

It seems they could never officially go through legal proceedings due to French’s “busy schedule”. They had been together for a long time and they were with each other when neither had money, they had so much in common. it’s all wrapped up.” Apparently he is trying to get back with Khloe, but when Khloe found out he was sexting her BFF Malika, she called it quits, she doesn’t trust him.

That is precisely why you don’t bring females around your man.

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