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The show’s timing, however unpredictable, just sucks, just as it did when Jeff and Jordan won a trip to the Olympic venue where an athlete was killed days earlier.

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From claiming her RHOA co-star made a move on her, to battling it out with her mom over a porta-potty, and rumors that she altered one very peculiar part of her body, her wacky antics make for good TV and tabloid fodder.

Let's take a closer look at the shady side of this (in)famous former housewife.

In December 2017, she made headlines once again over an unpaid bill harking back to Christmas 2016.

Back then, Zolciak-Biermann reportedly hired a company to put thousands of dollars worth of seasonal decor on her humble abode, but she allegedly refused to fork over the cash for months, and months, and months. The decorator was trying to take advantage," but that decorator, Jeanne Rollins, implied that the $5,000 agreed upon in court was still less than what the reality star owed.

Kim Zolciak is not dating a woman, she says, despite reports that she’s been dating DJ Tracy Young for three months.“All I’m going to say is that she is a great friend of mine, I adore her, and she’s so talented,” Kim told People.

She also said that while Big Poppa is “not legally divorced yet,” “[w]e’re doing great.

, when she and her family overstayed their welcome in a house they were renting, the landlord fined Zolciak-Biermann 0 for each day she and her family allegedly squatted in the home.

Wifey initially denied that her lease had ended, but later came clean to the tab, pledging to pay the fine in a lump sum when she finally moved out.

That's when the restroom rebels reportedly yelled, "F**k you!

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