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When you think of paranoid people, you may think of some weird bearded hermit in the woods, muttering about how “they” are out to get him.

But paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a real mental disorder which hits real people.

Setting boundaries is an important part of any relationship, both in establishing a strong relationship and repairing a broken one. If there are no boundaries, your partner may very well begin pushing you into areas you do not want to test your trust.

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And as noted above, sympathy can be viewed as a clever ploy which will be used to eventually deceive them.

Because of the fear of being called “paranoid” by society, those who suffer from this disability will it.

This is an important process because wherever an excess of free radicals accumulates, it can damage your DNA — which in turn can contribute to cancer growth.

The result of free radical accumulation is called “oxidative stress,” and is associated with a number of other diseases as well, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Free radicals are everywhere, including in many foods, medicines, and the environment itself.

We all have someone who we just do not like or trust at all.

If that person came up to you, offered you a beer, and acted like he was your best friend in the world, would you feel happy? But most people would wonder, “Just what is he up to?

But that suspicion of ill intentions is always there, and it can hurt their work and their relationships. But it is hard work, and can be lost easily if you are not careful. If you think that someone you love has this disorder, just straight up suggesting counseling is not the best idea.

Someone who is naturally suspicious will only grow more so upon such a suggestion, both of you as well as the very idea of counselling.

Psych Central states Paranoid Personality Disorder “…is characterized by a pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent.”The most important thing to remember is that paranoia is not just that fear that “they” are out to get him.

It is an inability to trust others and a willingness to believe the worst of others as well as their motives.

All emotions are amplified, like having a constant cell phone booster attached to your head.

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