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Proponents may be calling for structural change, but the structural change they are calling for still involves targeting individuals.There is a difference between productive, constructive protesting and counterproductive, destructive protesting.

I simply do not think it’s fair for people to continue to use “it’s structurally motivated” as an excuse for their anti-law enforcement behaviors.

Truthfully, when it comes to these issues I feel visceral pain and sadness more than hatred or fury. Pick out the flaws in that logic and propose amendments, but understand the reasoning and justification behind the current system.

Change happens slowly, and it will forever be stalled if you go about it in the way you are.

Nobody will ever convince me that the anti-law enforcement narrative is not individually targeted.

If it was so structural, if it only operated on a macro scale, I would not be experiencing rejection by friends and family on the basis of my pro-police stance.

Not to mention the loved ones who fallen officers have left devastated by an untimely, unjustified death motivated by hatred and bigotry—ironically, in the name of protesting law enforcement’s supposed hatred and bigotry.

It’s a sad day when free speech means nothing on college campuses unless it’s anti-police…

and when a student is worried that supporting cops will hurt her GPA.

The first time that a cop got killed in the name of Black Lives Matter, it became individual.

Surely there is a way to protest the system without killing innocent workers.

My message to the cop haters out there would be to take a look at your original mission. Use your fire to readjust your agenda so that it’s structurally-focused and not targeting individuals.

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