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Some of the interviewees don’t quite seem to understand what Yuta is getting at.

▼ This dude seemed to get one aspect of why it can be annoying: As seen in Yuta’s previous video, “Japanese people react to ‘But we are speaking Japanese!

A new video by That Japanese Man Yuta seeks some answers.

In the video, Yuta asks interviewees what they think of Japanese people who specifically pursue only foreigners for dating.

Japanese speakers commonly refer to non-Japanese people as gaijin even while they are overseas.

Also, people of Japanese descent native to other countries (especially those countries with large Japanese communities) might also call non-descendants gaijin, as a counterpart to nikkei.

As the Empire of Japan extended to Korea and to Taiwan, the term naikokújin ("inside country people") came to refer to nationals of other imperial territories.

Gaijin is also commonly used within Japanese events such as baseball (there is a limit to non-Japanese players in NPB) and professional wrestling to collectively refer to the visiting performers from the West who will frequently tour the country.Martin's Press, 1986), James Kirkup's Gaijin on the Ginza (London: Chester Springs, 1991) and James Clavell's Gai-Jin (New York: Delacorte Press, 1993), as well as a song by Nick Lowe.It is the title of feature films such as Tizuka Yamazaki's Gaijin – Os Caminhos da Liberdade (1980) and Gaijin – Ama-me Como Sou (2005), as well as animation shorts such as Fumi Inoue's Gaijin (2003). For example, one buzzword is “Gaijin Hunter,” which is used by some to describe a Japanese guy or girl (let’s be honest, it’s mostly girls) who specifically seek out foreigners for relationships.In fact, we’ve talked about gaijin hunters at length before.'”, where most of the interviewees seemed to miss the point, many people in Japan have trouble seeing situations from the point of view of foreigners.

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