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Now, she sings with her band Black Star Electra and works on a solo music venture called Ghost Generation.

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Known for: Being French, being a stripper, having terrible plastic surgery Where is she now: She continues to be a Z-list famewhore. Daisy tried to pursue music and acting, but, sadly, struggled with addiction, including heroin and crystal meth. Also a flat-earther who is against migrants and #metoo. Yes Insta: @ambrelake Known for: Being a porn star, hoarding stolen socks and ketchup, saying that Natasha was only on the show because she was black, being locked in the bathroom by Ashley and Farrah, being absolutely fucking crazy Where is she now: She is "letting the past go." She is married with a baby girl.

She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK and Botched, where she tried to get even bigger implants. According to her last interview in 2016, she is sober. Insta: @daizy_gram Known for: Lying about her age to Bret’s face; winning Season 2Where is she now: Ambre used to be a B-list local newscaster.

This time around Bret chose 37 year-old Ambre Lake from Los Angeles, California.

After the show the two maintained a relationship, but parted ways after just a few months. The finale of the third season was a series high for VH1.

In 2014, Chadwell said, "I just wanted to come home and decompress - hit the restart button.

I had been gone for a decade and wanted to be closer to my family and friends." Season 1's Lacey Conner, now known as Lacey Sculls, is the frontwoman of the band HALO.The first season featured 25 girls competing for Bret's heart.The girls faced challenges; the winners of each challenge spent time with Bret on a "date".Some of the challenges were based on situations they might encounter if chosen to be Bret's girl.The winner was 24 year-old, Jes Rickleff from Naperville, Illinois.Twenty lucky ladies will get their chance for an All-Access pass to Bret Michaels' heart and to share in all his superstar lifestyle.

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