Wowhead glyph of intimidating shout

I have glyphed my warrior with this and the mobs do not follow the rule.…

Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements created by scribes.

Examples: Initially, there would be additional glyphs known as "ancient glyphs", added with the Path of the Titans system.

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pop int shout, and you have 8 secs to gain aggro or have DPS aoe dps the crap out of them.again, ive only played my tank for almost 2 weeks now, so i dont really know what to expect later on as a tank, and this could be one of the many things in the game that seem awesome in theory, but arnt that .

IMO it seems pretty usefull as long as its fixed like the above poster said...

Until used, they are not soulbound and can be traded or sold.

The colors used in Glyphs are colors of the class for which they are meant.

Enraged regeneration , intimidating shout and victory rush are fury abilities No glyphs for the new skills such as heroic leap or raging blow ?

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