Jacking off website for men chat

Some of you might want to check out NORM, NORM-UK and TLC Tugger and Foreskin Restoration Forums. Tell us about why you should be on our volunteer team. There are hundreds of personal autobiographies written about their relationship with their bodies and masturbation.

Most of these people I know personally and I have checked out each site extensively.

I never intend to send people away from Clubstroke, but if you want to explore what's out there, these are some great places to start.

In fact, you can see an entire section devoted to videos were men simply jack off.

I think there are a few reasons for this: Curiosity - Whether you're straight, gay, bisexual or in between, most men have some curiosity about other men.

Virtual sex - another benefit of male jack off videos is that they give you a sense of being with that person in the video.

You're able to fantasize more easily without the distraction a full on sex video can be.

Our Biographies section is very popular with many readers.

Many are interested in how others discovered masturbation and how it is a part of our normal healthy sexual lives.

If nothing else just to compare themselves (technique, the dick size, cum volume, ejaculation distance, etc.).

"Watch me jerk off" videos can be a safe way to do all of this without assigning a label to it.

Surveys have shown that kids are becoming sexually active younger and younger, both independently and with partners.

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